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Design Aspects Into Fortis LGS

With much past and present construction growth, Fortis works with architects, builders, and home owners in the development / insight of light gauge steel construction methods. Fortis provides a complete line of design services that will make the building process cost effective and fast (using third party engineers or architects). Completing a building that’s built to last! Lighter, stronger, fire-rated, termite-resistant, and an over all safer building.

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Galvanized Steel Material / Fabrication

LGS Floor framing materials are available in 6”(152mm), 8”(203mm), 10”(254mm), and 12”(305mm) sizes. Each size is available in sheet steel thickness, ranging from 20ga (0.84mm) up to 14ga (1.91mm). It is important to specify sheet thickness by the decimal thickness to guarantee a minimum thickness of delivered products.

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Floor Underlayment Selector

High-Strength Flooring Solutions
With its wide range of installation and performance benefits, poured underlayment is becoming the choice for more residential, commercial, and institutional construction projects than any other type of underlayment

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Fortis Light Gauge Steel Roofing Systems

Fortis offers custom panelized, roof framing solutions to suit any building development and or code requirement. The availability of sizes and thickness in steel framing allows it to be easy to use in a variety of roofing system.

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Fortis Light Gauge Steel - Wall Development

*LGS dominates a market in non-load bearing applications (curtain walls, partition walls and supports for suspended ceilings) for nearly every commercial or residential construction market segment.*

Fortis manufactures custom designed load bearing and non-load bearing walls for both residential and commercial applicants (custom designed by third party engineers or architects).

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"Fortis LGS Structures does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through qualified and legally authorized third party companies and individuals."