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:: Fortis Light Gauge Steel - Wall Development


  • Galvanized cold formed steel members
  • Many integrated attributes
  • Manufactured Precision and Quality

We use two basic types of steel studs: structural for interior and exterior load bearing walls, and drywall studs for non-load bearing interior partitions. Also applied, are exterior rigid insulation to the walls to minimize thermal bridging and comply with building code requirements.

Fortis wall designs achieve fire, sound transmission, and thermal resistance that will exceed any residential or commercial building code requirement. Our engineered strength of walls can vary according to structural requirements.

Common wall sizes range from 8’ tall by 10’ long for residential and 10’ tall by 12’ wide for commercial.

Structural light steel members are available in 2-1/2 (64mm), 3-5/8(92mm), 6”(152mm), 8”(203mm), and 10”(254mm) sizes.

Fortis uses connections in various welding systems, self tapping screws, and crimping systems. On site construction installation requires simple screw and bold connections only.

Integrated Features:

  • Top of wall Load Distribution
  • Pre-punched holes for mechanical and electrical services
  • Precise window door and mechanical rough openings
  • Factory installed uplift anchors
  • High strength cross bracing
  • Built-in insulated structural posts
  • Insulated structural lintels

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