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:: Fortis Light Gauge Steel Roofing Systems

On our production line the trusses are built off site in sectionals to be later repositioned on site for assembly. Allowing Fortis a higher production rate.

Fortis uses a few different roofing solutions:

Rafters and Trusses

Rafters are used for low slope and or flat roves. Pre-cut, ideal for conventionally framed roofs that accommodate usable attic spaces, vaulted, or custom architectural design characteristics.

Pre-fabricated and assembled with progressive speed and simplicity, we construct trusses that are for low slope and or sloped to high pitch roofs. Accommodating any residential or commercial roof style. To provide added benefits in steel frame construction.

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"Fortis LGS Structures does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through qualified and legally authorized third party companies and individuals."