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The Levelrock brand family of floor underlayment products offers a higher range of compressive strengths than any other poured underlayment products. That means no flaking, no dusting, no chipping and no cracking. Levelrock floor underlayment provide exceptionally durable, acoustically superior floors that consistently deliver best-in-class performance.

Superior Quality
The result is a complete design/build solution that ensures reliable performances, industry-leading quality and superior value.

“Performance at a higher level”

Poured cementitious underlayment that deliver exceptional compressive strength, sound control and fire-resistance properties.

  • Strong
    Levelrock floor underlayments deliver compressive strengths from 2,500 to 8,000 psi and are formulated to minimize the potential for shrinkage cracking. The high-strength formulation protects against wear from trade traffic during construction and from forklift traffic in warehouse settings, ensuring long-lasting performance. Every underlayment pour is tested for compressive strength according to ASTM standards, so you know exactly what performance you’re getting. For residential, commercial or institutional floors, Levelrock underlayment delivers the strength your job requires.
  • Lightweight
    Levelrock floor underlayment is one of the lightest-weight cementitious underlayments available. For every quarter-inch of thickness, you’ll add approximately 2.4 – 2.7 lbs./sq. ft., with ad ry density of only 115 – 130 lbs./cu. Ft.
  • Quiet
    During application, the underlayment slurry mix fills cracks and voids, elminating sound channels. The addition of Levelrock™ SRM-25™ sound mat or SRB™ sound board can increase acoustical performance to exceed code requirements in recommended systems.
  • Safe
    Levelrock underlayment systems (including all sound-related systems) are Classified by Underwriters Laboratories. One- and two-hour ratings are available for wood frame floor/ceiling assemblies, and four-hour ratings are available for precast concrete floor/ceiling assemblies. For the most up-to-date list of UL assemblies, visit
  • Versatile
    A full range of products provides the flexibility you need. Concrete or wood floors, thin to thick pours, pumped or mixed with a drill in a bucket – there’s a Levelrock product to meet your specification.  Different Levelrock products accept a wide variety of floor coverings, including carpet, ceramic tile, wood laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and approved epoxy or stained coatings. Some products can also be used as a wear surface.
  • Cost Effective
    Levelrock underlayment installs quickly and cost effectively. Depending on the floor layout, up to 30.000 sq. ft. of Levelrock underlayment can be installed in a single day, allowing light trade traffic to resume within 24 hours

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