Fortis LGS Structures Inc. Fortis LGS Structures Inc.

:: Design Aspects Into Fortis LGS

With a team of designers who are experienced and very well qualified, Fortis LGS is a fully-integrated solution to provide the highest quality and most economical light gauge steel roof, wall, and floor solutions available. Designing and building integrated systems that support one another to obtain what is needed to operate more efficiently.

Fortis LGS keeps up with the latest designs, engineering and fabricating procedures to ensure your structure is safe and economical. Every project goes through review and assessment of which system of development will be the most appropriate. Each component is manufactured by pre-engineered computer-aided / automated production. Our own software incorporates the latest buildings and light gauge steel framing regulations to fully analyze any project.

Our engineering team can design light steel structures to conform to any specifications or building code. Originating a virtual 3-D, CAD, replica of the building used specifically to modify calculations, and or the slightest details into structural development to later become, the soon to be fully, integrated building. Drawings are another advantage into Fortis’s development. Drawings include: Wall and floor framing layouts and connection details. Roof and truss layout, and Foundation layout.

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