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Fortis LGS - Benefits to the Builder

Light Gauge Steel allows us to build with optimum structural integrity faster and better. Frames as easily as wood but with superior strength and maximum durability.

The commercial and residential framing contractors generally find the transition to light gauge steel an easy and beneficial one, which greatly assist in creating a larger pool of availability, and trained labor.

  • LGS is cost effective – Lower costs of construction and long term building maintenance.
  • Steel is competitively priced and consistent in quality. Steel prices are more stable than wood and steel supplies have historically been more readily available. 
  • 80% of framing is assembled off-site, large components installed with great speed on-site.
  • Steel framing accommodates all types of commonly used finishing materials.
  • Lightweight which reduces foundation costs and adds more stories or a pitched roof.
  • Pre-Engineered(by third party engineers) / Computer Aided / Automated Production from the walls to the trusses.
  • Steel members weigh as much as 60% less than wood members; therefore, foundations and seismic loads can be reduced.
  • LEED friendly, no waste manufacturing process, less stress on the environment.
  • Reduces in scraps and loose material
  • Smaller crews to install, less material to storage.

Light weight means easier handling and less stress on foundations, cranes and workers. Straight walls and square corners mean windows and doors open and close as they should. Lowers builder’s risk insurance cost.

Benefits to the Homeowner

Combustible qualities enable a steel framed house to resist such devastating events as fire, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Because of its strength, steel can span greater distances offering larger open spaces and increased design flexibility without requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls.

Using high in strength steel makes its neighborhoods and businesses safer. Many homeowners want LGS because of its remarkable benefits and characteristics.

Termite Resistant – Steel framing is impervious to termite attacks. There is no risk of structural damage due to Termite or carpenter ant infestation.

Remodeling can be easily accomplished. Non-load bearing walls can easily be removed, altered and relocated.

Steel framing can be used for every home style from traditional to contemporary to ultra-modern and from low cost to luxury.

Fortis uses high quality steel products, which are coated with advanced zinc and aluminum coating, preserving the steel’s strength by protecting it from corrosion.

Steel roof structures support up to 30% higher snow loads than conventionally framed roofs.

Light-steel framing materials are perfectly straight and consistent in quality. Structural steel studs, floor joists and roof trusses do not expand or contract, shrink, warp or twist over time. Reducing risks such as drywall damage, nail popping, door jambs, sagging windows, and air gaps. Steel framing is unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, making you home more stable and durable.

Steel is 100% non-combustible and will not contribute to the spread of a fire.

Steel does not require treatment for termites and is free from resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other framing materials. Steel framing does not off-gas or sustain mould growth as wood products do, thus promoting better indoor air quality.


"Fortis LGS Structures does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through qualified and legally authorized third party companies and individuals."