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Fortis LGS Structures Inc.A multi-family, commercial  development operation, Fortis LGS Structures is one of many companies that specialize in the construction of residential / commercial development using Light Gauge Steel. A system in which provides a cost effective building solution.

Fortis manufactures all building components such as the walls, floors, and trusses for any project by using pre-engineered computer aided / automated production.
All prefabricated components are pre-assembled. Assembling of the walls, floor joists, curtain walls, and roof, trusses, take place at our south side warehouse. With this procedure, development is made easy for job-site assembly. LGS Construction systems save time and money!

LGS is a high environmental alleviate. Steel is 100% recyclable.
Fortis’s pre-manufactured process eliminates scrap and waste. Each component is manufactured to it’s exact lengths. With growing environmental concerns steel framing makes a positive impact on the future of our environment. LGS construction systems is a LEED friendly, “green” product.

Beyond Strength – It’s the construction choice of the future!

From Concept to Completion!